Mtg, again.

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Mtg has pretty thoroughly eaten my brain. Dammit, it’s just so much fun! The art on many of the cards is truly beautiful, and there are so many strategies. Last time, it was so stinking close! We were both down to two life. One attack phase and that would be it. Then he drew… A card with trample! I had a creature I could block with and stay in the game long enough to hang him, but dammit! Trample! That did enough damage to end the game. Man, it was wild. There were many times when it was so close between us. I mean the whole game was close. It was great. In a game like that, you don’t even care that you lose. It’s an epic battle of wits. The wonderful turns of strategy are a delight unto themselves. I lost, but who cares? I got in some really good hits and so did he. The whole thing was a nailbiter.

Last game of the evening was a clinker for me. One of the great things about magic, is that even if your deck is crap and you have no idea how to play, sometimes you can still beat a vastly superior opponent. It depends heavily on what cards you draw. If he’s pulling bricks, and you get gold you can still win.

I’ve had problems with chess. I’m not a talented player, and honestly it is nigh on impossible for me to win a game. I always lose. A game stops being fun when you can go months or even years without winning a single match. There’s no point. You just get flattened.

As such, it is my opinion that magic is vastly superior to chess.


Magic: The Gathering

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Magic has officially eaten my brain. I’ve attached a photo of my collection of cards thus far. There’s over 500 there, but I can’t tell you exact numbers.

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