Fake Watches – Thoughts

August 26, 2009 at 4:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I must admit, the phenomenon of fake watches is something I find very strange. Names like Patek Phillipe, Jaeger LeCoultre, etc. only mean anything because of the quality of the workmanship. If that isn’t present, what’s the point?

Without the quality, the name is meaningless. It might as well be Springfield-Farquad for all it’s worth. Buying a fake, defeats the point entirely. Further I think there is room for some of the fancier complications in a less expensive watch. I do not like quartz movements, but I do not have the income necessary to purchase a high quality swiss watch. This is where less expensive manufacturers can shine, and build a brand for themselves. Perhaps not as highly decorated or carefully finished, but still unique and remarkable timepieces.

An example that comes to mind is this company , Perpetual Watches. They are their own brand, running around $160 for a watch with manual wind and retrograde seconds. The movement is chinese, sold out of Hong Kong. They make no attempt to pretend to be any other manufacturer(at least none that I’m aware of), but to purchase a watch with retrograde seconds from switzerland for such a price is impossible.

They do have a niche formed for themselves, and it is very much my intention to buy one of their watches when the opportunity arrives.


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  1. I’ve never understood the decision to buy a fake JLC or VC. I don’t think I couldn’t take the embarrassment of someone pointing at my watch and laughing uncontrollably. I’d have that nightmare every night until I snuck out to the dumpster at 2:00am and quietly dropped it in.

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