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I have an old swiss movement on my bench at the moment. I have been attempting to get the mainspring back in the barrel. With some difficulty. The mainspring isn’t original, you see. The original mainspring had a hook end, this is a tee. Sometime in the past, the original was replaced and a hole drilled in the barrel to accomodate the tee. The pin in the barrel wall that retained the original mainspring, however, remains.

Further, my mainspring winder(an old K&D set) does not have a barrel that is a close fit. So the mainspring must expand somewhat when returned to the barrel. Every time I line up the tee with it’s hole, and press the mainspring out of the winder, the end shifts. I have had considerable difficulty getting it properly aligned.

This morning, I was trying to get it back in again. It can be a little fiddly to get the mainspring in the right position in the winder. I finally got it on the arbor, and was winding it into the barrel. As I got near having it wound, a sharp *PUNG* rung out, and the mainspring shot across the room! There is one advantage to having a cat in the room, she immediately spotted the errant mainspring and began playing with it. As such I didn’t need to hunt for it.

The efforts will continue later, and hopefully I will finally get the thing lined up right.


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